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tv   Memorial Service for Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer  CSPAN  August 16, 2017 12:17pm-1:26pm EDT

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the memorial service for heather heyer, president trump tweeting about the service say, memorial , force today was beautiful a truly special young woman. she'll be long remembered by all. we will re-air the entire ceremony coming up tonight at 9:25 p.m.. it is also on our website at we are going to re-air the entire memorial here it it got underway at 11:00 eastern this morning.
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>> might them is kathy. i are so mother and close that we call each other sisters. i have been asked to welcome everybody here today. we are here to remember heather heyer, and to say goodbye. some of us are here as family and others are friends, old and coworkers, but that's more like family to heather. and some of us are just here out of respect for a young woman who lost her life defending the .ights of people i would like for us to carry her legacy on by doing the same
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thing. protecting the rights of everyone. the family is humbled and deeply , theful for the outreach outpouring of love from the community, and the generosity. we need to thank the funeral services, the paramount, the limousines and the police department who have kept a secure today. , heather'se grandfather will share some remembrances.
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repeat thatike to we thank you for coming. me say that i am here to speak of heather's childhood, i knew her quite well. she lived in our home for some years, her younger years. i rocked her to sleep many times, and sometimes we went to sleep together in the chair. her, i made up little songs at times. i wish i had some of those recorded. that it didn't matter to her, she loved them. her many, many, times
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and i've assisted to his with her. we were close. she, like her brother, loved to be carried in a backpack, what exuberance in that backpack, little legs flailing, many times she knocked off my hat pushed it down over my eyes. i will never forget those times. she could reach around and get your hat and swing it and wave it. withnk she experimented newton's law of gravity quite often. we had a good time with that. we walked a good bit. she showed her passion at an early age. you didn't know her as a child,
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most of you. only knew her as an adult and saw the passion in her.
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hands waving, if you knew has her, you know -- if you knew heather, it wasn't a venture to see her come back and tell you about the day happening. it got so animated that we would quit eating so often and watch her stood in the corner of the dining room table. and she tells you something that happened that day. , she wasoved life entertaining to watch as she grew up. you never know what was coming next. that same drive in that same
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passion and that same desire for justice, i inc. we saw it all through her life. respect for everybody. in our family, all lives matter. and she absorbed that quite well as did her mother before her and her brother. and she realized we all need forgiveness and we all must extend forgiveness. as we think about her today, we are very proud of her. i am proud of the whole family, my wife and i are very proud of .usan, nick and heather as i think about this, i think
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of the song and "fiddler on the roof." the little girl, isn't this the little girl i carried yes, i think so. passion was beyond childhood, that same passion and ,hat same girl you have met her you who know her as an adult, you know her. she was a lady of happiness and great joy and realized that all lives mattered. let me again say how much we appreciate what this whole community has done for us, you
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are truly honoring heather and our family. truly appreciate that. next is mark higher, -- mark heyer, heather's father.
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>> no father should have to do this. but i love my daughter and as i look at out to you guys, you loved her too. that way,nd of hard hard not to love. i want to tell a short story of when she was about nine. i came from louisiana, her mom came from virginia and my folks came up from florida and we went to a cabinet and spent a few days -- cabin and spent a few days together. the evening was about to get a her toand her mom told put a sweater on because we were going to the pool. actually, i agreed with heather, she didn't want to put the sweater on. defied her mom and her mom said we are not going to on the unless you put
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sweater. well, for the next two hours -- [laughter] heather decided she knew better at nine and defied her mom. the only thing i could do was sit in the room. i couldn't cross her mom. do notthis day, i remember how it turned out for i do not really remember. all i remember is her passion. heather's passion extended to her ideas, her thoughts, her grandfather was right, she could tell if somebody was not being straight and she would call you on it. and like a father and daughter relationship, we do not always agree. that,san expressed to me yeah, along with him and everybody else, she would argue if she thought it was appropriate, even if she didn't
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take it was appropriate, she would tell you what she thought. --i listened to her friends and hear stories of my daughter and the way she was, she loves people. she wanted inequality. of the dayis issue of her passing, she wanted to and for my part, we just need to stop all this stuff and lift up each other. i think that's what of the lord with want us to do. -- what the lord would want us to do. love each other. i came today and was overwhelmed at the overwhelmed
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rainbow of colors in this room. that is how heather was. if it did not matter who you she or where you were from, loved you, that was it. you were stuck. [laughter] that, i am truly proud of my daughter. that is as far as i have gotten and next will be the reverend. >> relax, it is not a sermon.
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pastor true that i am a and do not typically go by the name of reverend. i go by the title of reverend, .ormally there are two purposes for memorial service, to appreciate and cherish memories of a loved one. and the second is for us to consider the value of such occasions as this, what value is added to us for the journey that remains for our individual lives? the disciples said to jesus, teach us to pray so that we know how to live on earth and prepare for eternity. , who answered him a father art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, that will be done on earth as it is in heaven and it is this prayer
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that we would pray it would be affected in our hearts. today, here, that we may know how to live on earth. context is important. as i have said, i am a pastor. i am one of the senior pastor's in terms of tenure in this city and one of the other speakers and i, we have both been here 36 years each. church visited covenant several times, which is the reason her mother, susan, asked that i speak today. i said, susan, please give me some boundaries for it she said speak about diversity. if you would allow me, i will share with you in context my comments of what heather saw at covenant church and what has transpired and 36 years and why i would talk about diversity in the way i shall do so.
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my role in this community came about as i became a graduate student at the university of virginia in sociology and much was i surprised to find that upon completing residency, we were to become masters. our congregation was a modest size, one color, totally, absolutely. i came to the conclusion being a sociologist that after my studies that jesus was the greatest sociologist of all time. he understood social movements, cultures, diversity like no one else. the sermon on the mountain is the finest piece of literature covering known history until the time of jesus to summarize social issues. my decision was as a pastor to implement the teachings of jesus. we established certain principles that i hold the deer and we hold dear. and what heather would've
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experienced that all humanity is family created by god and romans 14: seven, no man is created and dies to himself such a testimony today of has her -- heather's passing not only acknowledged by you but by millions around the world. two, all life is equally valuable regardless of race, culture. 18 -- you -- is video 4, god said all lives are matter. wait until you hear the other side before you make a decision. that is proverbs 18:17. 4, if you have a problem with someone, first go to them before telling anyone else. that is matthew 18:15. , believe theeryone
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best in everyone, that is ourhew 6< forgive us trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. keeping the beam out of her own i before criticize others. remember the cross is common ground where our rights are surrendered to serve god and others. bringsrney of 36 years us to a present moment where 76 national flag hanging our sanctuary and more than 20 nations and data on a sunday morning. i do not know the total number of tribes that attend covenant church. one nation can have five different tribes attending. this is the diversity that have or saw. if iou imagine a person, speak of diversity and this what you might hear me say from the pulpit on sunday, can you imagine a person in our city going to the you just university
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of virginia hospital and jepson which i think are world-class and needing plasma or a heart transplant and saying, who is the donor? can you imagine having a brain tumor and getting to the hospital and saying, excuse me, i want to know who the doctors are, the color and the culture? , iyou had a brain tumor think that you wouldn't say who is the best doctor. -- you wouldn't to say who is the best doctor, the best doctor in the house. jesus chose a motley crew of disciples extremely different and personality, giftedness and skill. he molded them into a formidable force that changed the world.
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is at this moment of sadness may bring us to a higher appreciation of our need for each other and may the god who made us transform us into servants with humility to not only give the best to the master but to each other. may diversity be defined in relation to jesus and his teachings and our best service to you and are stated, our nation and our world is to share the love of jesus with others regardless of whether they look, talk, dress, act, or eat. do? to do we covenant church is one of the most aggressive churches and working with refugees. i would say to you, to the family, first of all, susan, thank you for allowing me to share. second, i would hope that you take the energy
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and you and appreciate the diversity of mankind a you would do everything you can do to make peace and thank you heather so much for longer than to share about heather's experience -- about heather's experience. a cousin now comes to speak. chris i picked a test >> i picked thea poem today. it is the rising sun as going down, we remember heather. and the chill of winter, we remember her. at the opening and the rebirth of spring, we remember her. the blueness in the skies of the
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warmness of the summer, we remember her. leaveshe rustling of the and the beauty of the autumn, we remember her. at the beginning of the year and when it ends, we remember her. as long as we love, heather, too, will live. is not a part of us, we remember her. when we are weary and in need of strength, we remember her. when we are lost and sick at heart, we remember her. when we have different -- decisions that are difficult to make him a we remember her. when we have joy we crave to share, we remember her. when we have achievements based on hers, we remember her. for as long as we left, she, too, will live for heather is now a part of us. as we remember her, may i remember of heather be a comfort for us all. diana will be next.
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>> i am going to share a letter that i wrote a two heather about all of the things i wish i had said before today. dear heather, did i ever tell you about my earliest memory of you? just an image of you, bouncy brown curls. did i tell you your smile was infectious and that your eyes glittered? come tell you that you from a long line of stubborn, and passionate women? toddler that of a
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would drive any parents crazy, but those qualities turned you to an independent and compassionate woman. your compassion, did i ever tell you how much i admired the woman you became? you always saw the good it other people, people i would have cut out but you refused to give up on them. --r patience was he really heroic. you never had a problem having the conversation or saying what needed to be said even when it was uncomfortable. not letviction, you do other people tell you how to think, how to feel, how to behave. did i ever tell you how much you do not havehat you to be a world leader, nobel prize winner or ceo to change in the world? just be one person willing to
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show compassion to another person. did i ever tell you how much i love you? , would my children ask of me who i admire most, i will tell them you. my baby cousin who was larger than life and to good for this world. you are in a better place now where there is no pain, no sadness, no hunger and no hate. you might not be with us anymore, but you will always be in our hearts. love always, diana. i would like to introduce a friend of heather's.
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>> i am a normally not want to speak in front of a group of people but i felt like i owed it to heather. heather was a wonderful person. she was not just a coworker, she was a friend. i just wanted to share a few moments that we had together. i worked in the office with heather and everyone who knows heather knows she is not a morning person. that was her worst thing. she would come in and the morning and be like good morning, heather. ,ind you, she comes in at 10:00
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she would go straight and get her coffee because of that was really important. we all wanted heather to have her coffee. she was a wonderful soul. she would get to work and stay afteranna the weekend, -- on the weekends and we all admired her commitment to her job and life in general. she was a real person and she --dy has said sometimes. my office is right outside of the printer and i could hear her going off and something was jim and something do not -- jammed and she would look at me as say sorry and i was say that is fine. it was an everyday thing. her and their printer were enemies. to haveall continue sleepless nights and our pain
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will eventually fade away, but our memory of heather will forever live on. i read a little something i wanted to share. , am sorry, i am sorry, heather that it ended that way, the horrible, terrible saturday. that devastated call we do not want to believe was true. hearing what happened to you. there must have been a mistake, i kept saying to myself as i answered the door at the uva and a numbness to my body and i could not speak. standing listening but not actually hearing. the inner child in me crying but at the adult self saying, how could this happen, how in the world today? after all of the marches that ended in violence and all of the verdicts that ended in a rage and all of the hate crimes that go unsolved, would does of the
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so-called change ever going to change? sorryo sorry, heather, that you care so much for your maybe if you do not stand up or speaks so loudly, maybe if you were not so both, they would not have heard you and you would still be here. will leave your coffee cup unchanged. your fingers will never flip those pages. anotherwill not utter single name, it will never be the same career i wanted to thank you for all of your passion, for all of your talks, for all of your smile, for believing this world can change in trying to make that happen. worldyou for making the -- the word "hate" world. thank you for making the word
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"love" even stronger. thank you. >> hello, everyone. 'sam alfred, i was heather supervisor. but she was my close friend. quite often, she'll does she and i would joke because i would say
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she is my office wife. -- she and i would joke because i would say she is my office wife. , would say, a lot of people and she told my own wife and children that she hated me sometimes. [laughter] but, very humble it away because heather came to our office five years ago. when i sat down to interview her, as i was talking to her, she looked around at the office and she pointed out to me, hey, i have a high school degree, i am just a waitress, i never worked in an office before. i don't allow the type. i will do my best. -- i don't know how to type. i asked her how she do with tips? she said she did really well with her tips for you i asked her to tell me a story about one of the customers and she told me
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a story when one of the customers came in and she listened to him. as i listened to her talk to me, i said, you need to come work for may. she said i do not know anything about the legal system or bankruptcy. i said, that is what i am here for. she came to work for us. and did she ever come and work for us. i mean, heather, basically sat this font,came everything i would tell her or told her about with the bankruptcy codes, she absorbed. she went to classes i sent her to. she studied on her own. the most amazing part of it was watching her interact with clients. that was the piece i was seeing when i saw her in the interview. she carried by everyone she spoke with. she listened to everyone she spoke with and she took the heart everything they had to
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say. one time i was passing by her desk and she was talking to a client, it was kind of interesting because of the client worked as uva and was a professor, the wife worked at the uva hospital. both of them probably made for a four times -- four or five times more than heather and they were embarrassed about what was going on that they were having to come to her to file bankruptcy. she held their hand and said, well, african always tells me -- alfred, always tells me to remember that we could build the other side of the table. if you do not bother her that they were professors, it was heather. heather, she was an amazing woman. all too often, my wife and i would say our youngest daughter
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reminded us of heather because, she makes me feel like choking myself sometimes. [laughter] that is heather, as well. [laughter] she would talk back to me. talking about my youngest daughter and heather. when i would say yes, heather would say no and my youngest daughter would do the same. when i would think i had the right answer, heather would give me a different answer and my youngest daughter will do the same thing. heather would always have that fight and that compassion in her and at those times i was upset and was working late because i was bothered by something that happened in court or with a trustee, guess who stayed late with me? heather. she would give me a hug and see if there was something she could
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do and maybe nothing she could do because she knew nothing about what we did on the back end of the process. she would be there. i want to tell you a little story that happened one time probably about two years ago. heather has a friend she was seeing and i knew she had been seeing him for a little while. and ie night, heather worked late until about 8:00 and were walking out of the office and as we walked out, her friend was sitting outside waiting for her. and i come the next day and heather was a little upset.
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i was wondering what was wrong and she said her and her friend got into an argument. [no audio] somebody she knew when to stand by her, me, and an eye care who she was. i did not care that she only had a a high school degree. she cared enough for me that she stood up only in her own personal relationship. lot stressed to do something like that. as far she knows, the next day, i could have decided to fire her and she wouldn't have had a boyfriend or a job. [laughter] , she was always there for everyone.
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staff that came through the office, the ladies and the office had a unique bond and that is one of the things that any of you could ever come to our office, we were like family. hours, we would sit there and have a couple drinks and laughs. we would hug each other. one of our staff was there with heather the day of the crash. she had watched her have a baby, watching her kids grow up. heather's watched my children grow up. and now, she is going to have to look down from heaven and watch. -- this notheather working. i am proud of heather.
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i mean, this woman came to me and did it believe -- and did not believe how good she was, she always tried to remind me, i am just a waitress. i said you are not a wagers, you are a paralegal. you are damn good at your job. so good that my email all week has been blowing god. all weekend, i kept getting a boat and i knew -- kept getting enough and i knew we had screwed something up. there were people, a guy came by the office and i am so used to people dropping in and saying that have a problem. this guy is sitting and waiting and i like here is another problem. and he came in there, he was a client three years ago. and he said when he heard about heather, he and his wife wanted to come by to express how important she was to them.
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she explained to me how heather relaxed them and got them to understand what they were going through and basically made of them felt like it was a good decision. his day, thef middle of the day to take off from work to tell us heather was that important. like 2 females i wanted to read you guys -- read youwanted to guys. i asked the client if i could read. mr. wilson's message, i would like to send our condolences to your firm, heather was such a sweet person. helpful,nd, friendly, in any way possible. hero andy eyes is a hopefully all of this madness can stop. and hopefully we can make heather smile.
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think -- thanks for your help, mr. wilson. this andclient center i cried as my computer. said tonight, mr. wilson, my and i worked with heather would we came to your group to seek help for filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. whoo. we felt hopeless. when we arrived, i remember heather running your front office like a queen. she knew her work -- she performed it well. heather left a true impact on me and my husband. we were your clients. pain andy imagine the sorrow your office may be feeling this monday morning, a
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true void, a senseless act of evil and an act of terrorism took heather home. i am so saddened for everybody who knew heather and i am praying that the family and her friends and her workers will truly be able to heal. we will miss her. touched ourean, she clients every day. she was the one person in the office that touched every single file. not a just one file but every file had to come through heather . they touched her hands, every single one of them. as heather would sit at their and she got what i was teaching ar, if you really look at file the right way, you can see what happens in a person's life. qc bunch of credit card debt and you see three kids, you know
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they cared about their kids and spent way too much money. you see a lot of medical bills. you know they had some kind of pain, something that happened. heather would be sympathetic. she would tell me before walked in him a this lady had breast cancer -- and, this lady had breast cancer, be mindful of that. she cared about things like that. i will pray and ask that our someway, as we feel the love that she had. she believed in each and every one of us. she saw the good in everyone. even when times she said she hated me, she was around and hug me within five minutes. [laughter] i thank all of you for coming out here.
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. have been truly blessed when i say truly blessed, i have been truly blessed to know heather. i've been blessed to know her mother. her stepfather. i mean, these are like really good people. brakes went to bed on my car, what does heather do? she called him up and she fixes that she fixes my truck. told her i was good so i must be a good person as far as they are concerned. they would drop anything for anybody. i know that is where heather got it from, her parents. i would ask any of you to take the next few days or the rest of your life, please just reject your hand to
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andbody you don't know -- reach out your hand to somebody you don't know and tell them, high. do something i did it the other day. i was at mcdonald's drive-through and i told them i was paying for the lunch for the people behind me. i don't know who it was behind me. i knew heather would care enough , she is helped everybody. maybe do something as simple as that. behindlunch for somebody you. don't acknowledge it and then you are trying to take credit for it. that is not what heather did. she just did it because that is how it is supposed to be. thank you. next, we have heather's mother.
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she paid attention. she made a lot of us pay attention.
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dinner with her we knew was going to be an ordeal of listening. and conversation and perhaps disagreement but it was going to happen. say,o, my husband would i'm going to play on my video game for a while. would talk about her feelings about the the office and how things were going. she just talked, the girl love to to talk and she was single so there was nobody to listen to home so mama got a lot of it. and that was wonderful. you never think you will bury your child a you never think to take those pictures. and isked me for pictures
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struggled, i had pictures from her childhood but i had to go to facebook to find pictures because we're always together, i saw her a couple times a month and we would facebook message at bedtime, i love you, you doing ok, i love you. i have no regrets on that part. the ones you of love because you do not know when they will not be there. here's what i want to say to you a storm in could be a kickoff and could all be for nothing. i could've said, let's not do this publicly him have a small, private feral that is not who has a was. davutoglu her said this is the way she had to go, big and large. had to have the world evolved because of that is my child. she is just that way, always has been and will continue to be. here is the message, although she was a caring and compassionate person, so are a lot of you.
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a lot if you go the extra mile. i think the reason what happened to her has struck a chord is because we know that what she did is achievable we do not all have to die, we do not all have to sacrifice our lives, they tried to kill my child to shut her up, but that's what -- you guess what? you just magnified her. >> here is what i want to happen , you ask me, what can i do, so many caring people, pages and
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pages of stuff i am going through and i am reading pages and pages of how she is touching -- i do not want want this to die. this is just the beginning heather of her legacy. this not the end of heather's legacy. legacy.ather's you need to find the small spark of accountability of what is it there that i can do to make the world a better place. and do not turn around and say i do not want to get involved. my boss might think less of me, i don't care, poke that finger at yourself like heather would have done a make it happen. take that extra step you find a way to make a difference in the world. my child had a high school
1:08 pm
education, my child was no saint, she was hard to raise, everything was a negotiation, not kidding. you know what? she was a firm believer in what ever she that.ed and let's do let's find that spark of conviction, let's find in ourselves that action. let's spread of this. let's have the uncomfortable dialogue. it and even saying, why are you upset? easy saying i think this way and i do not agree with you. but i'm going to respectfully listen to what you have to say. we are not going to sit around and go cool by jan and it is not all about forgiveness. i'd know that is not a popular trend. to truth is, we are going have our differences, we are going to be angry but less
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channel that anger not into hate, not into violence, not into fear but let's channel data difference, that anger into righteous actions. right now, down the road, there's a blood drive going on name.ther's there are people were here willing to listen to one another and talk to one another. last night in new england, they had a peaceful rally and heather 's name and there was difficult dialogue. see whater want to they look like, look at her facebook post. they were rough sometimes. but they were dialogs and the conversations have to happen and that is the only way we will carry her spark through. remember in your heart i'm a if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. just remember in your heart, if
1:10 pm
you're not outraged, you're not paying attention for you find what is wrong. make it a point to look at it and say, what can i do to make a difference and that is how you are going to make my child's death worthwhile. butuld rather have my child if i have to give her up, we will make it count. [applause]
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>> how befitting to have the song amazing grace to be so, a song that was written by john newton. my understanding is it was moaned in the belly of a slave
1:12 pm
ship owned by john newton. , to comee intermixing together to make something as beautiful as amazing grace. are going to hear some sound, imagine yourself on that ship. it is going to happen right now. ♪ grace"] "amazing amazing grace sound that saved a
1:13 pm
wretch like me once was lost but now i am blind but now i see through many days toiled already come towards grace
1:14 pm
and grace will lead me home when we have been there a thousand years sing god's praise honolulu you -- hallelujah
1:15 pm
hallelujah hallelujah oh ♪ [applause] >> to the family and all the friends 11 assembled here today, there is a verse that appears in the 90th psalm, verse 12.
1:16 pm
to numbero teach us our days that we may apply our .earts unto wisdom this particular psalm is it ised to moses identified as the prayer of obvious from the quest orat it was a maybe i should say a request to ask god for some assistance and it was not just for moses himself but it was for the people of israel.
1:17 pm
what is interesting about this particular psalm and the focus of my words today as we isebrate the life of heather at the fact he says to god teach us educate us knowledge tove us number our days. numberrew word for the -- the word number does not mean to count. but rather to make each day that you live count. in other words, you need to learn how to get the most out of your life. see, a lot of times, we determine a full life by the number of years that you live. but i want you to know it is not
1:18 pm
how long you live, it's what you do with the days that you have to live. is to gethe object the most out of each day. because each day that god gives you is a blessing. each day is a gift. but this number seems to suggest to be counted or to make yourself accountable. it is to be able to acknowledge. and one of the things i want to suggest about heather is this. that is that she had some value that enabled her to make each day count. i don't want to rust out in life, i want to wear out in life and the way i want to wear r out is by wea
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giving my life to a cause or for a reason that enables me to make a difference in somebody else's life. what i have learned in the 65 years and a few months of my living is this -- it is not how long, it is what you do well you live. and so for me, as you live your days as you reflect, you, mourad as you celebrate her life, then -- as you, mourad him as you celebrate her life, -- as you -- as you commemorate as you celebrate her life, then you need to learn from her, and that is make each day count because she lived her life supporting and believing and having value that enabled her to fight for justice and righteousness. as i think about some of the things, i know this has been a heavy blow to our community.
1:20 pm
and, yes haters have been here. , we don't want them here. we need to let them know that the 3 lives that were lost this weekend will not be in vain. one of the ways you can make them be in vain is to make sure that you use your life and make the most out of it is by touching another life. how do you do that? wouldn't it be wonderful in the charlottesville area, that if each one of us adopted a child who cannot read, if we make sure that child was going to read on the right level of reading -- on grade level in reading in this community you would have a child that would be a child who could
1:21 pm
not be read in this community. don't you know it would say this about heather's life? that she did not waste hers, we did not waste ours. for me, i want to get the most out of my life. one of the things i want to make sure of is that my living is not in vain. the songwriter said it best if i , can help somebody as i pass along, if i can show somebody they are traveling wrong, if i can teach a somebody, then my living shall not be in vain. what will you do with the rest of the days of your life? will you make a difference in
1:22 pm
in someone's life? because the bottom line is you have to decide that either you were rust out or wear out. let us pray. and now god our father we thank you for the life of heather, we thank you for her mom her , father, her stepfather, for her brother and sister and her grandparents. we thank you for every one who has instilled values in her life. lord i pray that you would bless the family, affirm their faith
1:23 pm
and trust in thee, above all things are well. now keep them and bless them in and trust in thee, above all [no audio] >> ma'am, would you please take your seat?
1:24 pm
ma'am, would you please take your seat? officer -- thank you. [applause] >> after the family we will let the governor, lieutenant governor and the attorney general and his staff be dismissed too. >> during a ceremony today,
1:25 pm
president trump tweeted this -- we want to let you know we will re-air the entire ceremony for heather heyer tonight at 9:25 p.m.


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